Managing and Storing Documents

One of the classic dilemmas that Oil and Gas companies face after a particular construction project is having to go back months or years later to find a particular survey plat or piece of data. 


A professional land surveying company can offer services to Oil and Gas companies that go well beyond producing the standard deliverables. In fact, a land surveyor may provide additional value in areas of resource management, problem solving, decision making, and communications.

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Making Important Deadlines


Scheduling multiple survey field teams can be a challenge for oil and gas companies. Multiple teams do not always work with the same standards, the same speed, or the same availability.




Using traditional surveying methods to produce construction project As-Builts can take weeks or months, which can greatly slow down an Oil and Gas project and be a great expense.

Faster As-Builts With Laser Scanning

Streamlining GIS Information

Professional land surveyors can address these challenges and provide extra value to Oil and Gas companies. They can dispatch several teams to gather GIS information more readily and quickly link it directly to the systems.